Made for the Emotions & Feelings Jam, the theme of this one is Intimacy.

Very few things feel as intimate to me than sharing songs that mean a lot to me. I really feel like it creates a gateway to my soul and, throughout my life, I haven't found many people with whom I've been able to share songs, not in a way that makes me feel like they really understand what I'm trying to say through them.

So I made this tiny game.

Special thanks toYago de Hita  for his increidble support, and Dan Cox, this game wouldn't have been possible without his amazing Twine tutorials.

Note: You will have to scroll down after every choice, since the chat window will go back to the top every time. I'm already working on fixing this thanks to the help of my beautiful friend Yago, but as it is right now it can get a bit uncomfortable. I apologize and I hope you still enjoy it. :)

Note II: It's technically mobile friendly, but it's not super comfortable to play and some things may break due to the difference in resolution, so PC is the ideal platform to play this.

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